Skylar Grey see-thru

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5 thoughts on “Skylar Grey see-thru

    1. I really don’t like tattoos on girls. But I try not to be shallow, so if I otherwise like a girl I never let a tattoo or two stop me from asking them out. But I’ve never dated a girl with that many tattoos. I would have to REALLY like someone to overlook as many tattoos as Skylar Grey has.

      1. One close female acquaintance had an enormous, colorful tattoo of The Great Mandala covering nearly her whole back (and no other ink on her body).

        In theory, it was quite beautiful. In practice, it was quite distracting.

        Most of us old farts seem to think that tattoos are for drunken sailors on leave. I’m kinda-sorta in that group. I try to keep an open mind, but it’s not a small matter to ignore one’s prejudices.

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