Andrea Riseborough topless in Please Baby Please (2022)

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I didn’t recognize her. Her appearance has really changed over the years, and was of course altered for the role as well.

She did an excellent nude scene in an episode of Bloodline (s2e5) in 2016

And another even further back in Love You More in 2008

6 thoughts on “Andrea Riseborough topless in Please Baby Please (2022)

  1. Riseborough seems to moving towards Tilda Swinton-y artsy unappetizing nudity.

    Not sure why we got all the politico talk on this thread.

  2. One last point.
    One more not great result the other way:
    The Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Executive was won by a Democrat who is a DSA (Democratic Socialist of America.) She won by a much lower margin than Biden did in the county in 2020.

    I don’t think Republicans deserve the benefit of the doubt on anything anymore, but her Republican opponent ran as a pragmatic centrist and would probably have been the better choice.

    Apparently this Democrat is promising to double the property taxes of some of the long time residents in the county.

  3. One more point on the election:

    Jeet Heer
    If you look at the results, the American people love abortion, drugs, transpeople and, possibly, porn. It’s a fundamental decent country despite a rancid elite.

    Both marijuana and abortion won referendums in Ohio and Republicans who ran against transpeople in suburban districts largely went down to defeat.

    The only negative is that in Wichita, Kansas, the home of the Koch Brothers, the Koch Brother(s) backed Libertarian candidate for mayor won election over the incumbent Democrat.

    It also looks like the corrupt and generally horrible Republican Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves will be reelected over the cousin of Elvis Presley, but that isn’t a surprise.

  4. Also, for those who cling to the bullshit that Republicans don’t actually cheat to try to win elections, that it’s all a matter of election law interpretation or that Republicans are really only trying to stop people who aren’t eligible to vote:

    In Mississippi:
    The line at Wildwood Baptist Church in Clinton currently. Some voters who just cast their ballot had waited for 2 and a half hours. I’m told this polling location has run out of ballots at least 5 times and have been restocked w/ less than 100 ballots every couple hours.

    On top of that, the Republicans tried to get these underserved polling stations closed at the poll closing time despite thousands of voters still in line to cast a ballot.

    1. Oops, the Republicans filed a court order to overturn a ruling that the polling stations need to remain open until everybody in line had cast their ballot.

      That everybody who arrives at a polling station in time can vote is usually not even a contested issue. The Republicans are getting increasingly anti democratic and desparate.

      And yet, there is this poll showing Biden trailing Trump is five of six toss up states. Who should I believe? Actual votes and how the parties respond to them or the polls and how the sensationalist media reports on them?

  5. Since I first saw Andrea Riseborough in the British television show ‘Party Animals’

    Virginia Democrat Susanna Gibson is leading by 24 votes out of 18,000 counted in her House of Delegates race. There are still 3 Republican leaning precincts outstanding, but also 12,000 early votes to be counted.

    Most likely Susanna Gibson will win inspite – or because of- the revelations.

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