Diana Nyad naked in Nyad (2023)

Annette Bening plays the famous swimmer who, at age 64, swam from Cuba to Florida. The real Diana Nyad appears naked in the closing credits.

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3 thoughts on “Diana Nyad naked in Nyad (2023)

  1. I thought it was a good not great movie. Benning really put herself out there for a heroic, though unflattering character. It help to be at least a recreational swimmer to appreciate the enormity of what she was doing. I don’t think I have ever ever stayed awake that long, much less swam for 60 hours.

  2. We reached new low. Netflix released at least 10 new movies and series this week, and only one had female nudity. The rest is either male genitalia or no nudity. What is happening to this world?

    1. You have to realize it is all about making money. If I go to Amazon Prime, I’ll see a bunch of movies available for my subscription. Then I will see a bunch of movies available for an extra fee. The movies available for an extra fee will always generally contain far more and far better female nudity. This is because female nudity can bring in a lot of money. The huge porn industry exists because of this fact.

      All media companies are always using female nudity to try to get people to pay more for their service. They go with a ‘you get what you pay for’ approach. The more you pay the more female nudity. The less you pay the less female nudity and they will often end up making it more like gay porn which helps push people to be even more willing to pay extra.

      With all the competition out there, just don’t let the screw you like this. I get Netflix sometimes, but I cancel when I’m done checking out the shows I want to watch. I never look at the latest stuff they are throwing out there as I can tell it will often be more gay than sexy. They look at most of the content as filler and they aren’t going to be giving away the best stuff easily. Europe is much more open about sexuality so that would be the only stuff I would watch on Netflix at this point. Hollywood is always the worst. They change when they are absolutely forced to, but they haven’t reached that point yet.

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