Emma Corrin topless in episode 4 of A Murder at the End of the World

It’s not the most satisfying lighting, but, hey, she’s a cutie! (She played Princess Di in one season of The Crown.)

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4 thoughts on “Emma Corrin topless in episode 4 of A Murder at the End of the World

  1. (1) Well, you have to like somebody who deliberately adds female nude scenes and hires an actress specifically for that reason!

    (2) You gotta love any team where one of the collaborators is named Zal Batman.

    I know he has more letters after the “n,” but he had me at Batman.

    Good tip on Hennig.

    I haven’t followed A Murder at the End of the World and was thinking of watching it. Is it worth watching? I’m guessing you do not think so.

    1. Good points, both.

      I’m definitely not going to quit watching. I’m not such a hypocrite as to advise you not to. Maybe when it’s over I’ll kick myself for sticking it out. But I really can’t say that right now. It has Clive. And I have a thing for Corrin. The latter is probably reason enough for you to watch, too.

  2. 2 takes no one asked me for… 1) Brit Marling hired Emma Corrin to play the lead role so she could write in some nude scenes. Otherwise, Brit would’ve cast herself as the lead.

    2) Brit plays the card that men discriminate against her as a writer because she’s a woman. I’m prejudiced against her because she uses sci fi themes as a cheap shortcut to cachet, without really being able to write decent, remotely plausible sci fi. Her writing itself reeks of soap opera & fake artistry. She’s a pretentious, obnoxious author.

    P.S. Scoopy, FYI, Spider has posted Shelley Hennig bare nipples in a photo shoot in Phun’s Celeb Photos section.

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