Saoirse Ronan topless in Foe (2023)


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15 thoughts on “Saoirse Ronan topless in Foe (2023)

    1. I think they have to get a permit from the Ministry of Mise en Scene for that. I imagine it is a pretty Kafkaesque process, perhaps similar to this

      1. That is a hilarious clip! (Great concept, similar to the kinds of things they used to to at the National Lampoon.)

        After watching it I realized that most airports, not to mention most government bureaucracies, should be named after Kafka, e.g. The Franz Kafka Department of Motor Vehicles.

        Thanks for posting.

  1. So far I’ve seen 5 clips. Including your .gif. 2 show breasts, 1 shows butt. The nudity is in sex scenes. Your very first still is the only butt shot I saw. I think your stills are all from the 2 sex scenes with breasts. Or there might be 1 other scene. I mean, my memory may be failing me. I could go look, but we will get this all sorted soon enough anyway. I’m unaware of any laws restricting when the fapping can legally begin.

  2. She is awesome. Loved her in “Brooklyn” (released in 2015) in which she turned a conservative role into something really quite sexy, with lots of human complexities. And of course she was excellent in “Lady Bird”. A fine actress with a smoking hot body.

    1. Historically important facts. Einstein’s one and only Nobel Prize was for his work on Hot Body Radiation, I’m pretty sure. Also, the Fine Structure Constant was derived from precise observations of Saoirse’s face, so I gather.

  3. Was hoping for a better/less dark view but damn if her tits aren’t fan-fucking-tastic. Love her so much.

    1. Never has such a great photographic subject been captured by such lousy photography – at least not since I was at Iguazu Falls with my shitty camera.

      1. Lol! Hopefully she’s naked in The Outrun next and gives us a clear view. I’m the meantime, these scenes will do just fine.

  4. What was that movie she was in with Cate Blanchett?? That’s how I remember her. She was some assassin.

    1. Still gorgeous? Still Irish? Still one girl? Just checkin’. 😎

      BTW, dude’s Paul Mescal. Best known as co-star of Normal People.

  5. I like baseball, but no opinion about the WS. OTOH, Saoirse Ronan is one damn fine specimen. Not exactly news, tho.

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