Jessica Alba was Britney Spears for Halloween

Thus by-passing all the ghosts, ghouls, gargoyles and goblins to go for the scariest thing of all – mental illness.

Here’s the rear view:

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Alba was Britney Spears for Halloween

  1. I saw the body cam of Brit’s recent speeding ticket. She did not know her own address or zip code; no clue. She couldn’t stop saying “I’m sorry”, even repeating it over top of the cop trying to talk. She may actually have less intelligence than Kim K , Kanye, & Trump. She’s virtually mindless, and now that she’s juggling knives, I doubt she’ll be around much longer.

      1. Mental illness makes her dumber than a rock? Come back to earth, son. Kindergarteners can tell you their addresses. She may have had a nice bod, but she was born with straw between the ears.

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