Nudity from Brinke Stevens and others in Beneath the Old Dark House (2022)

I buried the lede there, in the sense that there are much younger, more attractive women that get naked in this film, but Brinke made the headline because: (1) she’s a scream queen legend with 247 credits at IMDb, including dozens of nudes; (2) she’s 69 years old and still looks good topless; (3) I didn’t know she was still doing nude scenes; (4) she got first billing in the film!

She’s certainly not slowing down as she approaches her 70s. According to IMDb, she has 33 credits in the 2020s alone, including six this year and fifteen last year. She recently starred in and directed a sequel to that infamous classic, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.

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I guess that all these low-budget, neo-horror films really struggle for distribution, because the number of votes at IMDb is inevitably low. Bowl-o-Rama has about 300 votes and Old Dark House has fewer than 200.

The other nekkid women in the film are:

Kaylee Williams

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Kelli Anne Harris

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Maya Orenic

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  1. Movies like the Slimeball sequel are distributed by Charles Band thru his Full Moon Features. I don’t know if he wants them available elsewhere or is concerned with any kind of widespread distribution. Keep control and keep your costs down.

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