Bobby Knight has tossed his last chair

Great coach (900 wins), but here’s another case where it’s OK to speak ill of the dead, as some obits did. He was best summed up by a sportswriter who said he “was not just an asshole, but the asshole’s asshole.”

As former Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote said of Knight, “Bob is a self-made man. This relieves God of a tremendous responsibility. With his intelligence and charisma, Bob could have been anyone he wanted to be. Why he chose himself, that’s a great mystery.”

There are many great Bobby Knight stories, but I think my favorite is when he was ejected from a Pan-Am game by throwing a tantrum over some call while his team was ahead by 35 points. The crowd was chanting “Loco. Loco.” Before that tournament was over he had been arrested for assaulting a police officer. (He was eventually convicted, but was spared jail time.) You’ve heard of “The Ugly American”? Bobby was the template.

4 thoughts on “Bobby Knight has tossed his last chair

  1. I have the distinct honor of being verbally humiliated by Knight at a press conference in the 1980 when I asked a question he didn’t like.

  2. In 1979, Indiana and Coach Knight failed to qualify for the NCAA tournament, and accepted an NIT tournament bid as a consolation. (They won the tournament.)

    Interviewed before the NIT championship game, Knight was asked “what do you like most about your team?”

    Knight replied “that I only have to watch them play one more time.”

  3. I loved his Playboy interview. He was so viciously snarky. He was driving around in a car with UD coach Don Donoher and kept getting enraged at the interviewer whenever his temper or mistakes were brought up. At one point he tried to kick the interviewer out of the car, in the middle of the road, until Donoher calmed him down. He made McEnroe, Artest, & Piniella look like passive, kindly sweethearts.

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