Rosanna Arquette naked in The Executioner’s Song

Speaking of great 1982 nudity. (Adam brought this up in the Jamie Lee Curtis thread.)

I don’t think the European theatrical version, the one with all the nudity, has ever been issued in digital media. I think I did as good a job as anyone has ever done on these scenes, which is to say that my captures suck, but don’t suck as hard as the others I’ve seen. I made these in 2006 from a dubbed SD broadcast on Italian TV!

(The last three were captured by somebody else from a source not known to me.)

I would love to see these in Blu-Ray quality.

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Also in the Amazing year of 1982:

Nastassja Kinski in Cat People

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Phoebe Cates in Paradise

Julia Duffy in Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

9 thoughts on “Rosanna Arquette naked in The Executioner’s Song

  1. The list of women who looked better naked than Roseanna is an extremely short list indeed. What a body! Especially in the chestal area (but really all over). I dunno why she just didn’t refuse to ever wear any clothing. And OMG, there’s even a bit of pubic hair.

    I remember watching this off cable back in the day. I definitely watched the version with all the nakedity (or I wouldn’t have watched it!). Must have been on Showtime or HBO or something like that. Z-Channel? It definitely was shown, because somewhere, I have a betamax tape with all her nakedity dubbed over from another betamax tape where I recorded the entire movie. It is probably lower quality than these caps cuz my cable connection was crap. I have nothing to play the “good stuff” tape on anyway.

  2. I know I say it a lot, but you’re doing the Lord’s work here. Rosanna Arquette naked, Jesus Fucking Christ.

  3. Why is Tommy Lee so grumpy? By my count, he got nude scenes with Rosanna, Virginia Madsen, and Kathleen Beller. Oh, yeah, and an Oscar. That’s about a good a career as one can reasonably hope for.

    1. Same deal with Harrison Ford. I can’t think of any actor who has ever gone farther in proportion to his talent, but the guy always seems surly.

      1. Strictly from a prurient standpoint, Harrison is understandable cause he didn’t get to get nekkid with many (any?) top-tier women on screen. (Although maybe off-screen he got to wield the light saber* a little more.) Also, no Oscar, just oodles of cash.

        (*) Yes, I know, Star Wars nerds. Shut up.

        1. Not sure if I totally agree with you on that.

          On screen, he had scenes with Sean Young in her prime in Blade Runner (she was topless, but they were deleted from the film, it’s in the documentary from the Final Cut version).

          And Daryl Hannah squeezed his head in between her legs in a skin tight leotard & Joanna Cassidy strangled him in a see-through plastic bra and bikini.

          Also, Kelly McGillis, right before Top Gun, so she was at her peak when they did Witness, Emmanuelle Seigner in her prime in Frantic, Melanie Griffith & Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl, Lesley-Anne Down in Hanover Street, Greta Scacchi in Presumed Innocent.

          He also worked with Kate Capshaw & Karen Allen in their primes on the Indiana Jones movies.

          Of course Carrie Fisher and Star Wars.

          He wasn’t lacking for hot women on the silver screen, regardless if it was a love scene or not (most listed above were nude in the movies they were in together).

          And that’s only the ones he was with on screen, I bothered to look up or knew off the top of my head, I probably missed a few.

          Off screen, he was schtoopin’ it to Carrie Fisher & Calista Flockhart (all while married to, separated from, divorced from his then current wives, I can’t be bothered to look at the specific times, let’s just way, all signs point to his philandering led to those marriages breaking up)

          So with that being said, not sure what your measure between him and Tommy Lee Jones was, but I think I’ll rest my case with the evidence I laid out.

          1. Yes, he was in movies with those women, but any scenes he had with them were almost all PG-13. (Scacchi would be the exception, maybe Sean Young if you want to count that.)

            Off-screen is not part of the metric here.

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