Rose McGowan and Amy Locane topless in Going All The Way (1997)

Rose McGowan

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Amy Locane

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For reasons not clear to me, there is a new “director’s cut” of this film, which is more than a quarter of a century old, largely forgotten, and rated only 5.7 at IMDb. I’m guessing that not many people were clamoring for this release. Other than the fact that the two female stars pictured above did not go on to have particularly happy lives, there is nothing really remarkable about the film. (Amy Locane is now in jail, and Rose MacGowan narrowly avoided the same fate because she got a suspended sentence for her cocaine bust.)

I have not gone through the new version, but Johnny Moronic has, and this is his report.

“Strangely, the 1997 drama Going All The Way got a recent director’s cut where apparently 50 minutes of extra footage was added to the Bluray release. At quick glance it’s about 20 minutes longer plus a bunch of scenes that I capped off the DVD of the movie aren’t in the director’s cut. There’s also extra scenes and alternate cuts to a couple of sex scenes too but no real extra nudity, in fact one of Amy Locane’s nude scenes has been removed and replaced with a scene where she gets fingered in a car. A long forgotten movie and a very odd choice for a 25 years later director’s cut but here we are.”

We have learned from this report that the director has produced a new version of an undistinguished older movie with nearly an hour of new footage, but actually less nudity.

Well, that should sell like Taylor Swift tickets. I hope Amazon can handle the volume.

Anyway, Johnny Moronic’s full report, with captures, clips and collages, can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Rose McGowan and Amy Locane topless in Going All The Way (1997)

  1. Sad what happened with Amy, she had some phenomenal nudity in Carried Away (which also has Amy Irving’s only full frontal)

  2. Yeah, when I think of this movie now, it’s because (from Wikipedia) “McGowan, who attended Sundance to promote the film, has alleged that Harvey Weinstein raped her while at the festival” and the criticism she directed at Ben Affleck, her co-star, for his comments about Weinstein.

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