Sahara Ray is doing the best she can on Instagram

Some of her IG pics are legit see-throughs, but they are mixed in with pixilated pics. Some of the see-thrus are even pixilated, and I can’t tell why those are and others aren’t.

Anyway – there’s some T and some A from the venerable internet model.

Yeah, venerable. She’s been around a while. In internet years, she’s a grizzled veteran. She’s like the George Blanda of Instagram models. Good for her. She’s still posting internet cheesecake after all these years, and has more than a million followers.

She dated Bieber back in the day. That was seven years ago, but internet years are longer than dog years. Seven of them is basically a lifetime. Who can even remember that far? It’s like she used to date someone from the distant past, like Pitt the Elder or Leo DiCaprio.