Shelley Hennig see-thru in a sexy new photoshoot

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5 thoughts on “Shelley Hennig see-thru in a sexy new photoshoot

  1. In the 1920’s and 30’s, actresses (and maybe ordinary women too, IDK) would shave their eyebrows and pencil in new ones. I think Lana Turner was one of the last well-known actresses to do that. Now they just shave them off and leave it at that. Anything for novelty, I guess.

  2. I don’t think that soda-tab top is made of any fabric per se, so the nipples are in fact sticking out thru it. This is maybe not a terribly important distinction to me, personally. But at many sites, it’s enough to cross the invisible line from c-thru to nudity.

    From “sorry, just 3 stars” to “yup, 4 stars.” In my book, bare nipple, especially both of them, sure beats the pants off “4 stars, bc butt cheeks.”

      1. “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

        Well, 1) I was bitching about the crappy stars for nudity “seriousness” rating systems in existence. Your beef is different from mine, but it isn’t that one of us has one & the other hasn’t.

        2) There is no rating system I’m aware of where a full-on nipple but partially covered areola rates a demerit of any kind.

        3) My beef is that 4+ stars means “nudity”, while < 4 means "non-nude", e.g., 3 stars is see-thru. Because there is no further breakdown in the notation, there isn't even any such thing as fractional stars, it's often impossible to extract the info I'm most interested in.
        Namely, is the 4 for breasts, or is it solely butt? Not that men & women who like women don't like butt, but bare breasts crosses the line in a way that bare butt does not. More women are reluctant to bare their tits than are more reticent to show butt.

        To read everything they tell us about a nude scene & still not know such a crucial fact about it is ridiculous in its unsuitability to purpose.

        4) Shelley Hennig's see-thru shot immediately above the 4-stars one in this very article shows every bit of both her areolas. So your beef doesn't strike me as terribly serious in this instance.

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