“The three-year cruise is canceled”

Rest assured that there is a very good reason:

The company has acknowledged to passengers that it has no ship

That does seem like a major obstacle to a successful cruise, not to mention a significant impediment to success in the cruise indiustry in general.

Joking aside, this is a nightmare for the passengers who signed up, many of whom sold or rented out their homes in anticipation of living at sea for three years. Furthermore, the company waited so long to make the announcement that many passengers are stranded in the original departure city.

5 thoughts on ““The three-year cruise is canceled”

      1. I think that’s how they marketed it. “Imagine prison with a midnight buffet. And possibly less sodomy.”

    1. Most likely it’s because, when all things are considered for standard cost of living (groceries, mortgage, insurance, home maintenance) it’s probably less expensive to live on a cruise ship… that is if you do not have to work or can work remote 100%.

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