There IS something to rely on, after all

Snoop Dogg isn’t quitting weed after all

Rapper Snoop Dogg revealed that he hasn’t given up smoking weed — he’s just collaborating with a smokeless fire pit and this was his viral marketing ploy.

2 thoughts on “There IS something to rely on, after all

  1. Celebrity always amazes me. All this single-digit-IQ pothead did was invent stupid words like “fo-shizzle” and schmooze around Hollywood for years until he was bankable to white advertisers, which made him a multi-millionaire. Now he’s got the public interested in completely irrelevant things like whether he’s still a doper. It’s about as important as whether Will Smith takes it up the ass.

    1. His commentary with Kevin Hart during the Olympics was pretty awesome though. I still look up the Equestrian commentary when I need to laugh.

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