Per George Clooney: “Tom made every project better. Made every actor better. He was the epitome of elegance and he will be dearly missed by all of us.”

In the course of my twenty-eight years on the web, I have written hundreds of movie reviews, and in that process have offered compliments to hundreds of actors and directors. Many directors have written to thank me, mostly indie types, but even some big-time names you would surely recognize. But only one actor ever wrote to offer some gracious words of thanks for my having praised his work.

It was Tom Wilkinson.

He dashed off a few words to thank me for what I said about him in my brief review of The Governess, which was the following:

Tom Wilkinson, the father in this film, was finally nominated for an Oscar in 2001 for In the Bedroom. Although that was actually one of his least inspired roles, it was certainly gratifying to see Hollywood finally recognize one of the hardest workers and one of the most dependable actors in the English-speaking world.

That was about 20 years ago, so I don’t remember exactly what he said in his e-mail. I do remember that it was basically just one sentence, but I was impressed because I realized if he did that for me, somebody with no influence in the business, that he had to he a truly classy guy.

And, according to all reports, he was just that.

That gives Liberty something to shoot for against Oregon.

It was just earlier this year (Jan 9) when Georgia had set the previous record for the widest margin of victory in a bowl game, by eviscerating TCU 65-7, so they now have the two highest margins of victory in the same calendar year!


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The typical response when this was screened at Sundance was “Da Fuck?”

The review on The Playlist sums it up perfectly:

“You Have to See It to Believe It” is a well-worn movie cliché, but trust that it applies to this utterly bananas corporeal bath of cinema in all its glorious sound and vision. As the film ratchets up to its batshit, gnarly, and beautifully mutilated conclusion, man, prepare yourself for how transgressive and hypnagogic it gets.

That reviewer meant his review to be complimentary. Your mileage may vary. Many people loved it. Many people thought it felt like an film from the New York underground in the late 60s. Others just scratched their heads in confusion.

Other reviewers noted:

  • “boldly demented”
  • “shallow and silly pseudo-experimental sci-fi, made by those assured that they were making something edgy and interesting”
  • “an unintentionally comical sci-fi diatribe obsessed with beautiful bodies, bickering brothers and biblical symbolism.”
  • “If you wish you lived in a parallel universe where in the early 1990s, Paul Verhoeven had smoked a lot of weed, then made a low-budget black and white mashup of Eraserhead, Crimes of the Future (1970), and How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Divinity will likely be your dream made flesh, (albeit) lumpy, misshapen flesh, covered in grotesque goo.”

If you want to watch it purely for the nudity, the film is a nightmare because of all the rapid jump cuts. You might have to watch a five minute clip where there is some one-second nudity in second 6, second 110, second 225 and second 280, but nowhere else. Even the main sex scene with Emily Willis takes about three minutes of screen time for some 20 seconds of nudity, interspersed with various moments of weirdness. Even if you stick with it, the film jumps around so much that you won’t enjoy the nudity without the pause button.


Don’t miss: The Top Nude Scenes of 2023

Lots and lots of them.

There’s nothing dramatically new here, since she has posed for similar pics in HD.

There is some debate about whether she has implants. She insists that her breasts are natural. If that is true, she has perhaps the best body in the history of the female form.

She has appeared here many times before.

The results were determined by a three-stage process

1) We started with open nominations. Readers were free to nominate any 2023 nude scene.

2) After reviewing all the nominated scenes from the reference page, readers took part in a qualifying poll. (The results are shown here.)

3) In the final election, the voters were asked to pick one and only one scene as the one they considered the best of the year. The results follow.

As you can see, there was no doubt about the top three. There was a big gap between first and second, between second and third, and between third and fourth. The next group is tightly bunched, with only thirteen votes separating 4th place from 14th. If we re-did the vote on another day, any one of them could be significantly higher or lower within that group. There is a significant drop from fourteenth place to fifteenth, introducing another tight group from 15th place to 25th, with only six votes separating those places.

What was your favorite nude performance of 2023?
Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings 283 ( 31.37 % )
Emma Stone in Poor Things 146 ( 16.19 % )
Alison Brie in Somebody I Used to Know 75 ( 8.31 % )
Shelley Hennig in Obliterated 29 ( 3.22 % )
Ana Girardot in La Maison 28 ( 3.1 % )
Virginie Efira in Other People’s Children 27 ( 2.99 % )
Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol 27 ( 2.99 % )
Shailene Woodley in Three Women 26 ( 2.88 % )
Betty Gilpin in Three Women 25 ( 2.77 % )
Alyson Gorske in Obliterated 24 ( 2.66 % )
Saoirse Ronan in Foe 23 ( 2.55 % )
Heather Graham in Suitable Flesh 21 ( 2.33 % )
Parker Posey in Beau is Afraid 19 ( 2.11 % )
Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer 16 ( 1.77 % )
Giovanna Lancellotti in Burning Betrayal 12 ( 1.33 % )
Zoe Lister-Jones in Slip 11 ( 1.22 % )
Barbara Branco in Crime do Padre Amaro 11 ( 1.22 % )
Amandla Stenberg in My Animal 10 ( 1.11 % )
Sarah Shahi in season 2 of Sex/Life 9 ( 1 % )
Mia Goth in Infinity Pool 9 ( 1 % )
Noemie Merlant in Baby Ruby 9 ( 1 % )
Margherita Aresti in Noi siamo leggenda 8 ( 0.89 % )
Elizabeth Olsen in Love and Death 8 ( 0.89 % )
Giordana Marengo in The Lying Life of Adults 6 ( 0.67 % )
Keri Russell in The Diplomat 6 ( 0.67 % )
Natalie Portman in May December 5 ( 0.55 % )
Brittany S Hall in Rap Sh!t 5 ( 0.55 % )
Clara Galle in Through My Window Across The Sea 4 ( 0.44 % )
Elena Martin in Creatura 4 ( 0.44 % )
Juliet Rylance in Perry Mason 3 ( 0.33 % )
Laure Calamy in Two Tickets to Greece 3 ( 0.33 % )
Emily Cox in Alma & Oskar 3 ( 0.33 % )
Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction 3 ( 0.33 % )
Phoebe Dynevor in Fair Play 2 ( 0.22 % )
Wallis Day in season 2 of Sex/Life 2 ( 0.22 % )

Resurrection biology — attempting to bring strings of molecules and more complex organisms back to life — is gaining traction in labs around the world.”

Would Norm MacDonald count as a complex organism? If so, I heartily approve of cloning him. Some countries are whining about declining birth rates. What better way to fortify the population than an army of zombie Norms?

2023 was the year that AI and pickleball came for humanity

“It was a year of reckoning, a year in which humanity finally began to understand that it faces an existential threat, a threat unlike any we have ever faced before, a threat that will wreak havoc on our fragile planet if we fail to stop it — and it may already be too late.

We are referring, of course, to pickleball. Nobody knows where it started. Some scientists believe it escaped from a laboratory in China. But whatever its origin, it has been spreading like rancid mayonnaise ever since, to the point where pickleball courts now cover 43 percent of the continental U.S. land mass, subjecting millions of Americans to the inescapable, annoying POP of the plastic ball and the even more annoying sound of Boomers in knee braces relentlessly telling you how much fun it is and demanding that you try it.”

They reported this some time ago, but I missed it.

Wikipedia says:

Laura Ponticorvo is a Dutch-Italian media personality and YouTuber of Belgian nationality. She participated in various television programs, but mainly gained fame through her participation in the program Mijn Vieze, Vette, Vervelende Verloofde.

And if you’re like me, you never miss an episode of Mijn Vieze, Vette, Vervelende Verloofde. Nah, I’m just fuckin’ witcha, but I have a suspicion that it might possibly be Dutch!

Either that or Cantonese.

(Per Google translate, it means “My Dirty, Fat, Annoying Fiance,” which sounds like it might involve Tom Arnold.)

Russian series.

The pitch:

“Offline is a psychological drama about people living a double life. In their first public life, they are beautiful, bright and successful. They have families, loved ones, prestigious jobs and an impeccable reputation. But all these are just masks of those who have earned millions from drug trafficking on the web. They know that if the truth becomes known to the world, they will lose everything. And they are ready for anything so that no one will ever see their real face. But there is a man who knows their secret and who intends to make their life hell.”

There is not as much nudity as we have come to expect from Russian productions, but there is a little bit. Unfortunately, almost every nude scene is just bathed in aqua lighting (and some other unnatural hues).

Alena Itskova in s1e3

image host image host

Marina Vorozhishcheva in s1e3

image host image host

Polina Maksimova in s1e10

image host image host

Tina Stojilkovic in episode s1e8

image host

Tina Stojilkovic in episode s2e4

image host image host