I guess getting naked on the internet is much more lucrative than singing Gershwin standards in smoky clubs, because the former sitcom star had a pretty good career as a vocalist for a while, performing with jazz superstars like Chris Botti, with her vocals causing her to be compared to giants like Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald.

Or was it Vince Vaughn and Barry Fitzgerald? I can’t recall now.

Either way.

OK, let’s be honest. She’s no Ella Fitzgerald, but then who is? She really sounds nothing like Ella except that they both scat. She is, however, pretty good.

But the bills have to be paid, and jazz vocalists don’t ride first class.


I can’t tell you for sure, but I think the dude had a pretty good view. One thing I can tell for sure from the second image is that he was having a really good time in this scene from the newly released May-December. Among all the duties an actor might be asked to perform, one of the cushier assignments is showing one’s dick while viewing a bottomless, open-legged Natalie Portman.

In other frames it’s obvious that he’s sportin’ a full erection, which they chose not to censor.

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