By request.

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You may or may not find a nipple in there. If you remember, Jennifer’s areolas are almost exactly the same color as her skin and her actual nipples are tiny, giving her the ultimate “ghost nipples,” so you pretty much have to shoot her head-on to make sure her nipples are visible, as the director did in The Camomile Lawn (see below)

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And even when the director does that, you’ll still have a difficult time finding what you’re looking for!

There is nothing so flagrant in Pleasure.

This one surprised me. The last time I saw the Modern Family veteran she looked anorexic, and her head looked too big for her emaciated body. (She has battled kidney issues throughout her life.) But here she looks like her weight is normal, and her booty looks mighty nice, as you can see below.

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So fingers crossed for her continuing health.

The full gallery also includes her bestie, Vanessa Hudgens, in a swimsuit.

And it’s Durward Kirby. Who knew he was still alive? He made it by being the only person to have a cartoon hat named after him.

Nah. He would be 112 if still alive. I’m sure you know who it really is.

“This year, something shifted. To discuss her movements felt like discussing politics or the weather—a language spoken so widely it needed no context. She became the main character of the world.”

True enough. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one of her songs all the way through, and could not name one, but I seem to have discussions about her every day. I don’t know how that happened, or even exactly why, but it did.

She is the first person ever to become a billionaire from music alone, according to Forbes. Think about that. Paul McCartney didn’t make it. Bruce Springsteen didn’t make it. (Rihanna, Jay Z and Jimmy Buffett made it to a billion, but from their other businesses.) That’s how influential and rich she has become. Bigger than The Boss.

NOTE: Many sources disagree with Forbes and say that McCartney beat her to a net worth of a billion from his music alone. That can’t be verified, because the negotiations between McCartney, SONY, and the Michael Jackson estate are not public information. Be that as it may, in McCartney’s case a billion amounts to about a dollar a year for a billion years. Swift made it at age 33.