My least favorite thing about professional sports is that the rich teams like the Dodgers and Yankees can win with their checkbooks. But good on ya, Ohtani. You’re a great guy and a great player and you deserve the big contract. (And I’m glad you’re not a Yankee.)

In all of MLB history, he is the only player to be a unanimous MVP selection more than once. He was just as impressive in the year between those two (9.6 WAR, compared to an average of 9.5 in his unanimous MVP years), but was upstaged by the brilliant year from Aaron Judge, who broke the AL home run record.

Sho-Time led the league in OBP, slugging pct. and homers this year. Before his injury he went 10-5 on the mound, where he is capable of firing a 102-MPH four-seam fastball and an assortment of other pitches. That repertoire allows him to strike out more than 11 batters per 9 innings.

He is not expected to pitch in 2024, but intends to resume the following year.