Accompanying her picture, Soused Stepdad opined:

“Elsie Hewitt is a big titty model, I’m assuming she did Playboy or other nude shoots at some point in her career as an LA based titty model, but I am too lazy to google that shit. What I do know is that she got a cash settlement from Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon’s ex and baby daddy, for allegedly assaulting her. This was back in 2019, pre COVID when people liked the whole MeToo movement a lot. The court documents had pictures of her injuries, allegations of drug use, pretty much all fun things you’d expect from some rich actor.”

She’s 47 now, and I think she looks fine.

An interesting tidbit from Wikipedia: “Hart was near The Covenant School in Nashville when a mass shooting occurred there in March, 2023 and helped escort some of the fleeing children to safety.” She gets an A+ for that, but apart from that, her big achievement of 2023 was appearing on season nine of The Masked Singer.