Good luck collecting this settlement, ladies. I’d be surprised if Rudy could come up with $148. He probably can’t even pay his lawyers. I’m shocked that high-priced lawyers even agreed to take his case. I suppose they took payment in advance.

You may have noticed that Rudy has completely changed his tune on this matter. He has been giving press conferences outside the courthouse, claiming that he was right about his accusations. His original strategy was to concede that the statements were false, but (1) they caused no significant damage and (2) they were protected free speech. When those arguments proved to be nonsense, he must have regretted all of the concessions he made in his original stipulations. Of course his current statements to the press are additional examples of the very thing he was sued for, but I suppose there’s not much point in filing another suit against a guy who already owes you $148 million and probably doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

The saddest thing about this poor, pathetic fuck is that he probably could have settled for some reasonable compensation and a public apology. That was the strategy of his original co-defendants, One America News Network.

She never shows any embarrassment about walking through Manhattan in revealing outfits. Props for that. But this one just seems like a needy, Britney-like demonstration of exhibitionism.

Follow-up. It’s an ad for Maybelline. Apparently her outfit is just designed to attract attention and is probably unrelated to whwtever product she’s hawking. (As far as I know, Maybelline doesn’t sell garish Barbiecore clothing.)


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