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This film comes from the tiny, landlocked country of North Macedonia and is performed in the Macedonian language. That alone makes it somewhat of a rarity. I don’t remember any other movies coming from there; I’ve never been there; and I’ve never met anyone who claims to be from there. It was part of Yugoslavia until that country diossolved, then it was known as Macedonia from 1991-2019. The majority there are Slavic people who speak a Slavic language, written in the the Cyrillic alphabet. Although we pronounce it “mass-a-do-nee-ya,” they call it (Северна) Македонија – “mock-eh-do-nee-ya.”

All of this came as a surprise to me. There is another Macedonia which is a part of Greece, so I always assumed the people of this Macedonia were related to the Greeks in language and culture. I simply had the two Macedonias confused. I’m not the only one, which has something to do with the fact that they changed the name of the country from Macedonia to NORTH Macedonia in 2019. According to Wikipedia, “Despite the renaming, the country is referred to as ‘Macedonia’ by most of its citizens and most of the local media outlets.”

It is still too early to do the voting, but it’s time to start assembling the nominees for the nude scene of the year. Here’s what I have so far. Please add any scenes I may have missed. (The usual reminder: we don’t want every nude scene on the list, just the best ones. Don’t add nominees unless you are prepared to vote for them as the scene of the year.)

Giovanna Lancellotti in Burning Betrayal

Clara Galle in Through My Window Across The Sea

Elena Martin in Creatura

Giordana Marengo in The Lying Life of Adults

Chloe Zubiri in Bookie

Saoirse Ronan in Foe

Brittany S Hall in Rap Sh!t

Alexandra Cismondi in Escort Boys

Shelley Hennig in Obliterated

Amandine Noworyta and Iris Jodorowsky in Entre Nous

Margherita Aresti in Noi siamo leggenda

Emma Corrin in A Murder at the End of the World

Sarah Shahi in season 2 of Sex/Life

Amber Goldfarb in season 2 of Sex/Life

Wallis Day in season 2 of Sex/Life

Tori Griffith in Lion-Girl

Alyson Gorske in Obliterated

Virginia Rand in Candy Land

Phoebe Dynevor in Fair Play

Mia Goth in Infinity Pool

Noemie Merlant in Baby Ruby

Alison Brie in Somebody I Used to Know

Jessica Huber in 99 Moons

Valentina di Pace in 99 Moons

Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction

Elizabeth Olson in Love and Death also here

Juliet Rylance in Perry Mason

Zoe Lister-Jones in Slip

AJ Raval in Sugapa

Keri Russell in The Diplomat

Mayra Hermosillo in Que Viva Mexico

Laure Calamy in Two Tickets to Greece

Ana Girardot in La Maison

Cecile de France in La Passagere

Parker Posey in Beau is Afraid

Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol (episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4)

Ailin Salas in Matadero

Scarlett Johansson in Asteroid City (??)

Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings

Cynthia Nixon in And Just Like That

Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer

Amandla Stenberg in My Animal

Alysson Paradis in Amore Mio

Virginie Efira in Other People’s Children

Heather Graham in Suitable Flesh

Aurora Giovinazzo in Nuovo Olimpo

Emily Cox in Alma & Oskar

Barbara Branco in Crime do Padre Amaro

Giorgia Spinelli in Suburraeterna

Natalie Portman in May December

Emma Stone in Poor Things

Betty Gilpin in Three Women

Shailene Woodley in Three Women

DeWanda Wise in Three Women

Jodie Comer in The End We Start From (no link yet)

Kate Easton in Wilder Than Her (no link yet)

The last two may or may not appear in the 2023 list, depending on when we have our first look at them.