Now THAT is good parenting.

Her name is Apple Martin.

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Apple would be a pretty cool name if your last name is McIntosh. Not so sure about Martin. Apple Martin sounds like a drink they would have served at The 21 Club because “Martin” sounds more uptown than “Martini.”

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The beautiful blonde was in many films and TV shows in a career that spanned about a quarter of a century, but this cheapo Corman film was her only nude scene.

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Her final film role was in 1992. After that she disappeared from the spotlight almost completely, and lived 30 more years in private life, as a successful businesswoman and the wife of a tycoon.

A pioneer, a lovably odd duck, a rebel, and a very funny man.

Dick is still alive, presumably because mom always liked him best.

Every early baby boomer remembers the brothers’ controversial variety show, but how many remember their sitcom? It was lame and had no edge at all, but I watched it every week because, like Tom himself, it was oddly endearing.

Here is the famous “lost” episode of the Comedy Hour that CBS refused to air:

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There is also a full rear nude earlier in the scene:

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We never see her put her panties on. The camera shifts to the other woman’s face, then returns to Lorriane, now wearing panties. Darn it!

As she looks now (she’ll turn 70 in October):

She’s still working. She’s a regular on Jerk, which I’ve never seen, but I might take a look at, given the plot description on IMDb:

“Tim has cerebral palsy, which means that people judge him, and his crumpled tissue of a body. But usually they judge him wrongly. Because what they don’t realise is that inside that severely disabled, fragile body is a bit of an asshole.”