Resurrection biology — attempting to bring strings of molecules and more complex organisms back to life — is gaining traction in labs around the world.”

Would Norm MacDonald count as a complex organism? If so, I heartily approve of cloning him. Some countries are whining about declining birth rates. What better way to fortify the population than an army of zombie Norms?

2023 was the year that AI and pickleball came for humanity

“It was a year of reckoning, a year in which humanity finally began to understand that it faces an existential threat, a threat unlike any we have ever faced before, a threat that will wreak havoc on our fragile planet if we fail to stop it — and it may already be too late.

We are referring, of course, to pickleball. Nobody knows where it started. Some scientists believe it escaped from a laboratory in China. But whatever its origin, it has been spreading like rancid mayonnaise ever since, to the point where pickleball courts now cover 43 percent of the continental U.S. land mass, subjecting millions of Americans to the inescapable, annoying POP of the plastic ball and the even more annoying sound of Boomers in knee braces relentlessly telling you how much fun it is and demanding that you try it.”

They reported this some time ago, but I missed it.

Wikipedia says:

Laura Ponticorvo is a Dutch-Italian media personality and YouTuber of Belgian nationality. She participated in various television programs, but mainly gained fame through her participation in the program Mijn Vieze, Vette, Vervelende Verloofde.

And if you’re like me, you never miss an episode of Mijn Vieze, Vette, Vervelende Verloofde. Nah, I’m just fuckin’ witcha, but I have a suspicion that it might possibly be Dutch!

Either that or Cantonese.

(Per Google translate, it means “My Dirty, Fat, Annoying Fiance,” which sounds like it might involve Tom Arnold.)

Russian series.

The pitch:

“Offline is a psychological drama about people living a double life. In their first public life, they are beautiful, bright and successful. They have families, loved ones, prestigious jobs and an impeccable reputation. But all these are just masks of those who have earned millions from drug trafficking on the web. They know that if the truth becomes known to the world, they will lose everything. And they are ready for anything so that no one will ever see their real face. But there is a man who knows their secret and who intends to make their life hell.”

There is not as much nudity as we have come to expect from Russian productions, but there is a little bit. Unfortunately, almost every nude scene is just bathed in aqua lighting (and some other unnatural hues).

Alena Itskova in s1e3

image host image host

Marina Vorozhishcheva in s1e3

image host image host

Polina Maksimova in s1e10

image host image host

Tina Stojilkovic in episode s1e8

image host

Tina Stojilkovic in episode s2e4

image host image host