Adrianne Palicki topless

Adrianne Palicki exposes her gorgeous breasts in a topless display for Complex Magazine, November, 2004.”


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3 thoughts on “Adrianne Palicki topless

  1. I always wished she had shown them from the front. I’d guess that she was somewhat self conscious of them. I believe there’s a still somewhere where you can see the very tops of the areolas. The scene is at a beach I believe.

    1. I don’t think she was self conscious at all. The pic would be from the side because Complex would generally be in the non-nude classification of magazines. By 2004, some magazines and tv shows were beginning to show just a little bit of nipple to move this forward which is why this pic was published. Then the Janet Jackson incident occurred and everything was pulled back. Generally, if these magazines showed a woman’s nipple they would be classified as porn and immediately removed from over 95% of stores in the country. Happened to some fitness mags that dared to publish a few nudes. And Hollywood probably never had her do a nude scene because they’re Hollywood.

      1. Janet Jackson’s nippe controversy was Feb of that year, this came way after so your facts are wrong. She just happened to not do nudity, there was a ton of nude shit in movies around that time.

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