Bec Doyle naked in Bring Her to Me (2023)

God-awful grade-z horror film from Full Moon Features, which also brought us Bad CGI Gator this year, and have been churning these cheapies out since the 1970s. Bad CGI would have been an improvement over the movie magic in this film, which consists mostly of bad Halloween masks. The legendary producer/writer/director Charles Band is now in his 70s, but shows no signs of slowing down. He is hoarding IMDb credits like Eric Roberts. His producer credits alone number 423.

Mercifully, this one is only 56 minutes long and has some OK nudity to salve the pain.

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Eric Roberts update: 766 acting credits on IMDb, including 85 in “upcoming.”

2 thoughts on “Bec Doyle naked in Bring Her to Me (2023)

  1. Just to be clear–the figure of 700+ credits for Mr. Roberts includes not just movies but also TV shows, short films, cartoon voices, music videos, etc. But if you count “only” movies, the figure is still a hefty 400 and something. (Some guy in India holds the official Guinness record, with over a thousand.)

  2. What’s more amazing is how little money he has considering how much he works! If you take the highest estimate of his net worth $9mil and divide it by number of movies that’s 11,749 per movie ( realize this is a totally flawed calculation but it makes the point) the lowest estimate I saw was $2mil NW so that would be a $2610 per movie. That doesn’t even cover travel time to the set.
    His daughter has been in less than a 10th of his movies and is worth as much as 10 times more than him and his sister has made less than his daughter and is worth as much as 100 times what he is. So much for the glass ceiling. lol

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