Chloe Zubiri completely naked in episode 5 of Bookie

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8 thoughts on “Chloe Zubiri completely naked in episode 5 of Bookie

  1. You know, there’s something about this scene that intrigues me. The actress is a well-known plus size model/actress/whatever, and she usually does comedic stuff. She’s very pretty, and from the headshot you wouldn’t know she was obese or anything.

    And she had the guts to film this scene. Totally naked, running full speed, everything flapping around.

    I’d actually put this right below Jennifer Lawrence’s performance if it’s nominated for nude scene of the year.

    My opinion of course. I kinda like things that bounce.

    1. I agree. She’s a pretty girl, and despite the big belly has a sexy waistline, a great chest and a very pretty face. I definitely understand the appeal.

    1. The scene lasted about 5 seconds and this is the only 5 seconds of this actress in the entire series.

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