Have you noticed your cuckoo clock running faster than usual?

“Swiss city considers legalizing cocaine for recreational use

A spokesperson for the proposal rapidly blurted out, “Thewarondrugshasfailedandwehavetolookatnewideas,” and then she twitched, rubbed her nose, and popped “Scarface” into her Blu-Ray player.

She added that it’s a “scientifically supervised pilot scheme.”

Cocaine supervision is not a bad gig for the scientists. It beats the hell out of studying the recent change in salamander migration patterns.

Say, I’ve been planning a trip to Switzerland. (If you live in Wisconsin, you’re most comfortable traveling to cheese-rich environments.) I wonder if they will accept non-scientists as Assistant Cocaine Supervisors.

2 thoughts on “Have you noticed your cuckoo clock running faster than usual?

  1. About time, the war on drugs has been a complete disaster the world over.

    I can understand the status quo bias and the fear, but I think if and when people fully appreciate that prohibition doesn’t prevent interested buyers and sellers from getting together, but only prevents necessary regulations to make the desired transaction safe for the parties directly involved and safer for society in general, people will look back 50 years or so from now and wonder why drugs were ever illegal in the first place.

    As an example of the ‘war on drugs’ attitude, if that approach was used on Covid, anybody who refused to get vaccinated would have been arrested and placed in a treatment center where they would have been forcibly vaccinated. That actual makes more sense than the ‘war on drugs’ in that vaccine deniers killed other people, where as illicit drug users hurt themselves, and to the degree they harm third parties, it’s due to drugs being illegal creating the black market leaving many drug addicts needing to steal to support their habit.

    I think if illicit drugs are legalized, people looking back 50 years from now will say that paternalism was a factor, but the inconsistency suggests that the primary reason for drugs being illegal had nothing to do with concern over the lives of drug addicts, but was primarily about supporting a police industry combined with the desire/need for many people to feel superior to other people and to tell these ‘lesser people’ what they can and can not do.

    So, for me, not only does this ‘upper middle class morality’ anger me, I’m skeptical it even has much to do with morality.

    1. Oh yeah, one more point. The strangest thing for me in some ways, which shows the inconsistency that leads me to doubt the ‘official’ narrative on why illicit drugs need to be illegal, is the number of right wing covidiots who are anti drug. When it came to mask mandates and vaccines they argued ‘muh freedom!’ and the Cartman “I’ll do what I want” but when it came to illicit drug users, there is no concern about freedom and their view seems to be “you’ll do what I want.”

      For those familiar in Canada, if Pierre Poilievre becomes Prime Minister, I’m hoping to organize a freedom convoy to hold Ottawa hostage to get all illicit drugs legalized and regulated as Poilievre has already said that anybody who engages in these sorts of tactics needs to be not only listened to but to have their concerns acted upon.

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