Hey, here’s something nice.

When I get an e-mail from an actress, it usually requests (or demands) that I remove her images. (Which I always do, because why make a big legal deal about it?) Imagine my surprise when I got this e-mail from Victoria Vertuga about my overview of Cold Blows The Wind.

“Hey, Victoria Vertuga here. Star and producer of Cold Blows the Wind. I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving our movie a chance and supporting indie filmmaking. Every rental and purchase helps us to keep creating new projects. If you enjoyed it, please spread the word! Thank you again for your support.


I didn’t mention it when I posted the original article, but I did actually get hooked on this film and watched it all the way through. It starts out with a couple hitting a pedestrian with their car. Thinking him dead, they put him in their trunk, but when they check on him later, they find that he’s still alive and in desperate need of medical attention. If he recovers, they reason that he will tell his tale, and they will probably go to jail. The husband decides that the only thing they can do is kill the guy and bury him deep in the wilderness. Then who’s to know? The wife is horrified by the idea at first, but comes around.

If I tell you much more I’ll spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that there are complications, witnesses and even supernatural forces at work, and everything they try just makes matters worse. Are all these complications part of reality, or is their guilt just driving them into hallucinations and madness? And can they even trust each other?

The film gets some good mileage out of a micro budget, and I think you saw that the nudity is pretty good as well.

You can buy or rent it here. I get no commission or kickback of any kind, nor does anyone else, as far as I know. It’s just a transaction between you and the producers.

Anyway, thanks, Victoria. We’ll be loooking for your future projects.

7 thoughts on “Hey, here’s something nice.

  1. Yes, it’s a nice thing, & Scoopy’s enthusiastic praise might persuade me to give it a shot. So the whole shebang seems like a win-win-win. That said…

    Seems likely Victoria saw Scoopy’s post, we can assume she read it. But comparing his content to her email, they’re just disconnected enough to give me the impression the reply might be a wee bit, well, boilerplate. Not so much a bot, as a prepared text. I’m hardly fearful you’ll take my word for it.

    I, for one, am with y’all that Scoopy’s a big plus for us. If he gets some sunshine from the industry, some of his glory is reflected down to us. So, any sign that that might actually be happening to any extent, is a welcome one.

    1. I didn’t mean to praise it “enthusiastically,” but I did get hooked on it. I only intended to skim through it and capture the nude scenes, but I got interested and ended up watching the whole thing. That rarely happens to me, especially with horror films.

      As for the “boilerplate” observation – agree completely. It looks like a form letter, but at least it’s a kind one.

  2. haven’t seen this, but your description sounds like it’s pretty similar to the Mena Suvari movie ‘Stuck’ which was based on the true story of Chante Mallard. Wonder if this one was based on that too.

  3. Rock on Victoria (and Jamie, and everybody else involved).
    I guess nude scenes can’t be suppressed forever, but that was still a classy move.
    And the makeup job on Jamie was really well done, too.
    I’ll watch the movie for sure.

    1. Many don’t want them suppressed, especially lesser known creators. Great for marketing. Nice of her to send a message.

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