Iria Parada naked in Arima (2019)

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Johnny Moronic’s clips from this film can be found here.

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  1. Just picking a random post where comments are still open.

    I watched E5 of Marling/Corrin’s Murder@EndWorld, of 7. A Warning at the End of My Error.

    Now want to say regret has set in. Another thing I dislike about Marling’s scripts is continual random surprises to keep you distracted from incoherent story that can’t stand up to scrutiny. Characters flip-flopping, no consistent behavior or intent, so impossible to absorb any sense of who they are. She wants the viewer in the dark, kept guessing, to cover up the fact there’s no there there. Which of course has to come out in the end.

    That’s why episodes have high rating up to some point, then fall off a cliff. Viewers dropping the show as they figure out it’s a con game. Number of episode reviews drops to some low number. Overall rating far below early episode ratings.

    That combo of surprise & mystery — not knowing what’s going on — is good bait. But then you’re on the hook, & ripping yourself away from the dadgum thing can be painful.

    1. P.S. Random surprises ===>> loose ends. Can’t tie them all off in a big finale without muddying the one chosen narrative ending.

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