Best Nude Scene of 2023 – premininary voting

Here are the results of the semi-final round. Things are pretty well set at this point, so I closed off the preeliminary poll so I can get started on the final ballot.

There are links to all the scenes here.

And view the results of the semi-finals here.

15 thoughts on “Best Nude Scene of 2023 – premininary voting

  1. Really sad that Margherita Aresti isn’t going to make it. I knew it was a long shot, but she is stunning.

  2. Name recognition ie “a-listers” appears to be everything as per usual. btw, ScarJo was a body double. ✔

    My vote Dove Cameron’s 2nd fap set “released” in 2023. 😉

    1. I am not sure that you are correct about that. I saw quite a few comments seemingly coming from both the director and ScarJo suggesting that she actually did that nude scene. Example here.

      That said, the scene was so exceedingly brief and indirectly shot that I wonder why they bothered. It is the sort of nude scene that is basically only exists in after-the-fact online stills, without having any impact in the movie itself.

      1. I guess the debate is not whether she did the scene, which she claimed to do, but whether Anderson used that footage.

      2. Well technically the award is best nude scene, and not the best nude actress. So really, that scene kinda sucked compared to the others in terms of nudity. Maybe the context of the scene was super deep and philosophical, but for a nude scene it’s a bit… brief. Regardless if it was really ScarJo or not.

        That’s why I like Jennifer Lawrence’s scene. Even if it was a merkin or she was actually wearing a bodystocking and they deep-faked the nudity, it was still a completely nude fight scene with Hall and Oates playing in the background. Although then again, I guess if she wasn’t actually nude maybe it would have been disqualified. But as far as we know that was a legit nude scene (not counting the possible merkin).

        1. Agreed that going by the best nude scene the Scarjo scene and many others stink. Reasons like too short, poor lighting, low resolution. Shelley Hennig’s scene in Obliterated and Betty Gilpin naked in Three Women are stand out examples of good nude scenes. Well lit, long, great resolution, Close up and personal, and even well acted. There are several others on the list that fit this as well.

          1. Shelley Hennig’s nude scene would have been my favorite if it was more than just her rear. Talk about a scene that “coulda been a contenda.”

            I was pleased to see that some people actually reviewed the scenes and made Ana Girardot their #1 choice. If we had an objective standard, that could easily have been #1overall.

          2. Yes had Shelley shown her breasts it would have been awesome. even if they aren’t that impressive her ass is incredible especially for her age!

  3. Huh? Is Jennifer Lawrence winning or losing this contest? She is listed first in your results page but she has the lowest score, how does that work? Is it like Golf, lowest score wins?

    1. The score shows the average of where people ranked her. If everyone ranked her first, her score would be 1.0.

      So yes, lowest is best,

      1. I’ve only seen the screencaps of Ana Girardot’s scenes, and while they were full frontal and in good lighting (and maybe a cowgirl scene in there) I wasn’t that impressed. Were the actual scenes that much better? I’ll admit I haven’t been able to watch every clip, but have been also going by the screencaps provided here in the absence of a moving picture.

      2. I had Ana Girardot high on my list, but I’m a fan. Beautiful face and a cute ass with dimples of Venus.

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