Most Fun Cities in America (2023)

The top of the list is obvious. We all know that there’s fun to be had in Vegas, Orlando, Miami, The Big Apple, The Big Easy, Austin, etc.

What I’m interested in is the bottom of the list. What is the least fun place in America? According to their metrics, the not-hot spot in the Lower 48 is South Burlington, Vermont. That’s hard to believe, because while you’re there it is only a ten-minute drive to the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet. (Adjoining Burlington, the actual location of the Filing Cabinet Extraordinaire, is also ranked in the bottom quarter.)

The absolute lowest is Pearl City, Hawaii, which is just around the corner from one of the most fun cities, Honolulu. That’s kind of the story of America, isn’t it?

There are plenty of places larger than South Burlington that simply are not on the list, for whatever reason. The place that I call Wisconsin’s dullest city, Fond du Lac, should be able to match South Burlington for sheer boredom, but was not evaluated.

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  1. Clearly, you haven’t experienced Mauston. You’ll never complain again about the lack of fondue.

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