Sabrina Carpenter knows how to dress for brunch

If I ever invite a date to brunch at Denny’s for the Grand Slam, I hope she comes dressed like this. Of course, I would only invite her on her birthday so she can eat for free.

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In her defense, it was a swanky bullshit brunch. I’m guessing it was NOT at Denny’s.

Denny’s still runs that “eat a free Grand Slam on your birthday” gimmick. My dad, the legendary (in his own mind) Danny “Suits” Sparrow, famously claimed that when he was a single guy he had 365 different IDs so he could always eat free. He ate at a soup kitchen on Leap Day. The man really knew how to watch his budget, or at least he would have if any of that was true. I just noticed that today is his birthday. He would have been 102 today, although if there is an afterlife, he undoubtedly tells the other souls there that he’s still alive.

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