The nudity in the first two episodes of Alter Ego

Because Europeans love autopsies (and apparently, green lighting)!

In fact, Switzerland has an entire network dedicated entirely to autopsies. It’s the only network with higher ratings than the Cuckoo Clock Channel. It’s also their funniest channel, their equivalent of Comedy Central. Hosted by the top Swiss comedians, most of whom are moonlighting coroners, their motto is: “We’re a bunch of cut-ups.” The obsession is not limited to TV in that ever-wacky, chocolate-happy land. Swiss Radio 1 is dedicated entirely to songs about autopsies. The slogan of the top-rated show is “all autopsies, all the time,” starring their most famous DJ, Wolfgang Jack. The Wolfman’s catch phrase: “less talk, less rock, more autopsies.”

Some of the zany hijinks can be seen below.

Eleonora Haerens in episode 1

image host image host

Klarissa Vadenja in episode 2

image host image host

7 thoughts on “The nudity in the first two episodes of Alter Ego

  1. Silent Witness in UK & Tatort in Germany have had naked autopsy scenes for literally decades, Europe is far advanced in necrophile voyeurism

      1. Heh, yeah, I guess I should have clarified, I Google her non-necropsy pics before making the post above.

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