The Yankees pick up Juan Soto

That’s a blockbuster. He’s only 25, but is already a major star with plenty of black ink in his resume. He has 30+ homer power, a lifetime OBP of .421, and is one of the most patient hitters in the game (he has 130+ walks in each of the past three seasons, leading the league each time). In 2021 he finished second in the MVP balloting at the tender age of 22, finishing that season with a .999 OBP, including a very impressive. 465 OBP.

(To put that in context, only two modern players finished their careers with an OBP higher than .465 – Ted Williams and Babe Ruth, the two greatest hitters in the history of the American League. Soto’s lifetime OBP is the 19th highest of all time, just ahead of Mickey Mantle. Soto’s lifetime OPS is .946, which is in the top 30 of all time, ahead of such familiar names as Willie Mays, Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron. In other words, this kid is good. Really good. The fuckin’ Yankees picked up a big-time star.)

2 thoughts on “The Yankees pick up Juan Soto

  1. With one year on his contract. And he has often talked about how he would like to return to Washington.
    Gone somewhere else after one year when the Yankees have stripped their farm system to trade for him?
    We can all hope.

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