Unfortunately, Sydney Sweeney prevented a wardroble malfunction

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When Sydney first became the internet’s official “it” girl, I thought she would probably have a Kira Reed career. She kinda looks and talks like a vacuous, run-of-the-mill starlet.

It seems that I was very wrong. Not only has she sensibly exploited and capitalized on her beauty while it lasts, but she has turned out to be a deceptively smart and hard-working woman who produces her own projects and goes all-in on promoting them. By all accounts, she was an important driving force behind Anyone But You (as exec producer), and she has been absolutely ubiquitous on the promotion circuit. Not only that, but it turns out that she can handle herself in front of the camera. She’s not taking work from Kate Winslet, but she works within her capabilities and is highly competent in her own niche. The trailer for Anyone But You shows that she’s actually funny.

As you may have noticed, she’s also mighty easy on the eyes. Somewhere along the line she realized that her resting expression is not that attractive, so she has taught herself to keep her expressions animated and to smile a lot.

She turned out to be damned impressive.

And of course, there is that body, as seen at the premiere of her film.

5 thoughts on “Unfortunately, Sydney Sweeney prevented a wardroble malfunction

  1. A lot of people assume beautiful sexy women must be stupid and vacuous. Seemed to be taught to all people some generations ago.

    1. Not really true. It depends on how they carry themselves. Nobody ever assumed that Kathleen Turner, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis or Angelina Jolie were bimbos, but everyone assumed that about Kira Reed, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe, even when it was far from the truth. While it’s now apparent that Sydney is a smart cookie, she seemed like a total bim when she first opened her mouth. Even now, when she appears on a talk show, she will occasionally revert to bimbo mode. With her pseudo-Valley accent and vocal fry, she pronounces “no” as a two-syllable word, like the name of the Ark guy, and you just don’t picture her playing Lady MacBeth.

  2. I was hearing a lot about her and seeing photos, but never saw her in anything until I finally watched The White Lotus. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she is a good actress. She was really good in that show.

  3. She’s hot + She knows it ~ A+B=C …

    Kardashian’s notwithstanding. 😛 Speaking of which Bruce Jenner took his gold medal and ran with it 🙂 to the nth degree, eh. America, what a country! Digressing.

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