You think your flight was a nightmare?

“Diverted Delta passengers spend the night in remote military barracks in Canada

3 thoughts on “You think your flight was a nightmare?

  1. Better than having your engine freeze up and then plunging into the freezing Atlantic. Maybe if they’re lucky, the next bunch will get to spend the night in Dildo.

  2. Before commercial jets, it was a big refueling stop for transAtlantic flights. Long air travel was broken down into hops. First time I flew across the US, as a child, it was Boston-Chicago-KC-Denver-LA.

  3. I been to Goose Bay. Its not that nightmarish. Its a small rural town with a military base. I remember getting shit faced with some British soldiers. Drank so much I yakked at the bar. Took a cab back to my hotel and made a complete mess of the bath tub.

    Sobered up the next day and stopped off at the local convenience store. They had some used books there. One of which was 1984. I bought it and a few others.

    Labrador above the tree line is actually nightmarish. Its the middle of summer and the temperature plunged to 0C with 50 km/h winds with pouring rain. And when it warmed up some what you’d get swarmed by black flies and mosquitoes. At least I had a “cheerful” book to read at night.

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