Drunken Stepfather noted:

“She’s adapted to social media in her old age….because she’s posted her ass and nips consistently and in a world that reduces women to their tits, she’s perfect fodder for a site that reduces women to their tits as a social commentary to how the world reduces women to their tits, while also liking tits….”

This film is a dramatization of the relationship between the famous writing/composing team of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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Johnny Moronic’s clips from this scene can be found here.

Tuna reviewed this one, and I agreed completely, so I merely seconded his opinion, which follows:

“Topsy-Turvy is a story about the making of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado. They had just had a near flop, and Gilbert proposed a libretto much like something they had already done. Sullivan refused to score it. The entire film is about the politics and process of creating and producing this operetta. I really wanted to like this film. I enjoy G & S; it won Oscars for Costume and make-up and was nominated for best art design and best set design; from the opening credits it was beautifully lit and photographed; and I have an interest in “behind the scenes” aspects of show business.

Unfortunately, despite great production values and good performances from all, I thought this 160 minute film would never end. I probably expected a plot, and instead got a history lesson (and one with a great deal of artistic license at that).”

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This revered screen treasure is now on Tubi in its entirety. In addition to Angelique, it features several actors whose names you probably know: Julie “Living Doll” Newmar, Wally “Underdog” Cox and Victor “Count Manzeppi” Buono (pictured above with Pettyjohn). I’m guessing that all of them save Pettyjohn wanted to forget that they were ever in this movie.

I don’t remember why, but I actually wrote a lengthy review of this offbeat flick. Here’s a line that will give you at least a small clue to the insanity of this film:

Oh, boy, I’ve been putting off mentioning this one, because it is just too embarrassing to type. This must be the only film in which Wally Cox does a nude sex scene.

Julie Newmar mentions in the DVD special features that the film was made for literally zero budget. The director filmed without permission in various locations, and never paid the actors. (We presume he conned people out of a camera and film.) It goes without saying that no actor would ever work for him after that, so this remains his one and only film.


1. The evil count’s full name was Carlos Mario Vincenzo Robespierre Manzeppi. That was a character in Wild Wild West. In the same era, Buono also played the villainous King Tut in the campy Batman series. Coincidentally, Newmar also played a Batman villain, Catwoman. (I assume it’s a coincidence, unless the director specifically tried to hire Batman characters.)

2. I’m so old that I remember Wally Cox as “Mr. Peepers,” a high school teacher who was not a voyeur, despite his name. (C’mon, man. It was the 50s.)

3. You probably know that Angelique was Captain Kirk’s green-haired love interest in “The Gamesters of Triskelion.” She was popular at Star Trek conventions for many years, but died while still in her 40s.

I rarely agree with him, but this is an exception. When he’s right, give him his props.

He proceeded to demonstrate how the testers give him six “names” to remember. He then proceeded to list no names at all, but five random things, “a chair, a hat, a badge, a necklace, and a vote” (That last one might have been “a boat.” He sort of slurred it.)

Trump’s sixth thing was probably “an unfound door.” He didn’t specifically name it because … well, because it wasn’t found.


This has been your obscure Thomas Wolfe reference of the day. Mr. Wolfe, a true literary lion, famously listed random things in a poetic style of prose: “A stone, a leaf, an unfound door.” Perhaps Mr. Trump missed his calling.


Alternate theory:

Perhaps he was answering a trivia question: “Name all the things Doja Cat wore to the 2021 VMA show.”

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