Molly Parker has always been a favorite of mine. Of course I like her willingness to do daring nudity, but I love her beautiful, seductive speaking voice.

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I don’t know who Alisha Klass is, but any woman who sticks a lollipop in her coochie on camera is OK by me. Given the names of some of her other films (like Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 1, 3 and 4), I’m taking a wild guess that she has done some other bawdy things on camera.

I wonder why she skipped Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 2. By dropping out, she let Judi Dench score another award-winning role.

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All of the captures and collages above are from Johnny Moronic’s site. You can see his HD clips from this film here. That link also includes his 2023 year-end recap, featuring his top five Australian/New Zealand nude scenes for 2023.


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Omahyra Mota is one of the most unusual supermodels ever and one of the first Androgynous ones . She was at the top of her career in mid 00s when she became an actress starring in various mainstream films including X-Men: Apocalypse.”

The link includes a clip and some captures from her full-frontal appearance in Happy End (2009), samples below:

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I was a big fan when she would get naked in the Vatican or next to the Wailing Wall. She was the queen of transgressive nudes, and I hoped she would keep that up by getting nude in places like the White House or Buckingham Palace or maybe even the mecca of transgressive nudity, which would be, appropriately enough, Mecca.

But no-o-o-o-o-o!

She still looks just as good, and she’s still posing for full-frontal shots, but seeing her hanging around her apartment in the nude is just not the same.

… as it has been for nearly thirty years.

Elsewhere on the web and in print, there are year-end lists of dead people, natural disasters, most valuable players, history-altering events, recipes, best new restaurants, and other equally unimportant things.

And then there is …

The Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2023

It includes links to the original list of 50+ nominees (which in turn includes links to captures from each nominated performance), the vote tallies among the 50+ semi-finalists, the vote tallies among the 35 finalists, and (new on the linked page) links to film clips from every one of the top 25.

Yeah, 25. There were a few performances from #21-#25 that I wanted to include, so I did. So the list of the top 20 nude scenes includes 25 scenes.

Because … why not.

As usual, the annual summary also includes links to all of the previous summaries (there are 29 annual summaries now), a link to a special speedy search engine that scans through the summaries, and a table that shows all of the top tens on a single page.

So – probably far more that you want to know about the best nude scenes of the past 29 years.

Have at it.


SIDEBAR: Down in the comment section, there is some discussion of our nudity hopes for the future.

Two undefeated teams, Michigan and Washington, will battle for the college football championship, and there were two excellent semi-final games that went down to the last play. Moreover, the two teams in the finals were the #1 and #2 teams during the regular season, and the bookies think the teams are quite evenly matched.

So that’s all good.

Since the inception of the playoff system, there has been only one other occasion when an undefeated #1 team faced an undefeated #2 team in the finals. That was at the end of the 2018-2019 season, when #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson brought 14-0 records into the game. That one did not turn out to be a thriller. Clemson ran away with a 44-16 victory.

  • Both finalists were undefeated in 2019-2020, but they were the #1 and #3 seeds.
  • Both finalists were undefeated in the COVID year (2020-2021), but they were the #1 and #3 seeds, and Ohio State’s undefeated status was tainted by the fact that they only played five games before the conference championship! (More games were scheduled, but were cancelled because of positive COVID tests.)


Neither Michigan nor Washington has ever made the final game in the playoff years. Each has made it to the semi-finals once.

  • Michigan made the semis last year as the #2 seed, but the team then embarrassed itself by allowing TCU to score 51 points. As you probably remember, TCU went on to lose the final game 65-7.
  • Washington made the semis in 2016-2017 as the #4 seed, but they were able to score only 7 points against Alabama.


The final games have not been close in the past five years. The closest game was decided by 15 points, and the most lopsided was last year’s embarrassing 65-7 train wreck. Just prior to that period, the 2017-2018 game was an overtime thriller between Alabama and Georgia.