Our topic for today is “1970 Ann-Margret movies with initials in the title.”

It’s a very specific topic.

In addition to the execrable Broadway Joe film, C.C. & Company, there was a not-quite-as-bad Stanley Kramer film, R.P.M., a superficial look at the campus revolts of the time, written by Dr. Erich Segal. It was probably the low point in Stanley Kramer’s career, but was certainly not the nadir of Erich Segal’s, given that he also wrote Oliver’s Story.

Segal sure wrote a bunch of low-to-middlebrow crap, which is surprising for an Ivy League classics professor with a Ph.D. from Harvard.

But enough about that.

Ann-Margret was briefly topless as she got out of Zorba the Greek’s bed.

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And she looked spectacular in this net outfit sans bra, again featuring Zorba.

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Trivia from the comment section


She has a nude love scene in the notorious Joe Namath bomb CC & Company (1970). Scoop, was there ever an HD of that scene?


Not that I could find, but there is now an upsized 1920×1080 version on Amazon Prime, where the quality is kinda OK. But here’s the deal: that scene has been cut!

I also looked at the free versions on Roku and Tubi – same deal. (And even worse quality.)

One of the versions on YouTube does include the scene (about 1:01:42), but

1) for some reason, the sound has been removed (music rights?)
2) the quality is no better than VHS

Purely for the record, here is what you’ll see:

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That scene goes on for nearly two minutes, and it might prove to be quite a revelation in HD! I would buy the shit out of that Blu-Ray!