“Check out some very old explicit amateurish erotic photoshoots of her from before she became famous that was leaked from a tabloid magazine + her sexy and nude pics from her modeling career”

From Журнал “Папарацци” №25 (145) 11 июля 2011 (Paparazzi Magazine, #25, July 11, 2011)

Snejana Onopka has been on the cover of many top magazines, like Vogue.

“Upon losing his job, Wyman Chan decides to bet everything on the production of an erotic film. When the male lead proves unable to perform the lovemaking feats his character requires, our man takes his place. Unexpectedly, Wyman becomes a star, starting the engine of a wacky satire on the ins and outs of Asian porn.”

In the subway fantasy scene, part of the movie within the movie, our reluctant hero is surrounded and overwhelmed by horny topless women, including a busty lass who claims to wear an “L” cup.