This is the highlight of Defoe’s contributions for today.

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Stella is new to me.


The entire film is available on YouTube for free.

There are no English subtitles, but if the film interests you, you can fake it by enabling the French closed-captioning (cc menu), then clicking auto-translate (settings menu). The resulting English subtitles will sometimes be awkward, but they are almost perfect, and will certainly do the job.

Another film shot in virtual darkness

Here is what the film looks like on your screen

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Here it is brightened. (It’s reduced in size to eliminate some of the noise. There’s just not enough light to work with to get large, crisp captures, even using AI.)

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Here it is further reduced in size and restored to approximately what the scene would have looked like with light bulbs.

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More interesting than this film is Salome’s appearance at the 2021 Venice Film Festival:

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And even more interesting is the rest of her career, especially her full-frontal scene in Lost Illusions(2021)

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and her topless scene in Filles de Joie (2020)

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The Pitch:

“Kendra and Blake are a pair of interns who got tasked with cleaning their boss Natasha Nice’s huge vacation house from the top down. Blake’s curiosity gets the better of her when she finds a strange terrarium. She leans in for a closer look, and gets jumped by an alien parasite. As Kendra finishes cleaning her side of the house, she gets surprised by a super horny Blake who starts kissing her and transfers the parasite over to Kendra as well.

And then.. big boob boss Natasha Nice walks in and the whole thing into a raging lesbian threesome.

AKA Outside In

Shiloh’s notes from the comment section:

“Another Celebrity Sleuth discovery was Heather Menzies ~ Red, White and Busted (1972). Ordered the DVD 3/4 yrs ago. Made a post at SimpCity April last yr. Tried to enhance, but sadly was a lost cause.”

Shiloh’s video is here

As he implies, the video quality was so poor that it is useless to tinker with it. Here are some lame efforts:

vlcsnap-00001-1 vlcsnap-00002-1 vlcsnap-00004-1

Heather Menzies had played one of the von Trapp children in The Sound of Music, but around the time of this movie she was trying to change her image so she could get a wider variety of roles. As part of the plan, and at about the same time this film was released, Heather also posed for Playboy. As you can see from the captures above and the pic below, she definitely had a beautiful figure.

startle emojis

The “mature roles” plan wasn’t really successful. After this role, she was mostly cast in a few TV movies and TV episodes. Around 1975 she married ol’ Dan Tanna himself, Robert Urich, and it was true love. They remained together for about a quarter of a century until his death. She basically retired from acting in 1982 except for a couple of parts in episodes of Urich’s shows.

After Urich’s death, she never remarried, to my knowledge, and kept her hyphenated last name. She devoted her time to the Urich Cancer Foundation. She passed away in 2017, shortly after her 68th birthday.