Great request. Lisa was the original Wednesday Addams in the black-and-white TV version of The Addams Family (“Why, thank you, Thing.”), and she did some excellent nudity in this film.

Unfortunately, the available sources are crap. I did find a DVD, but the quality is poor. It’s obviously just a VHS transfer. Such a shame! This could be a terrific nude scene if anyone could find a pristine print and transfer it to Blu-Ray. There’s even a brief “open coochie” shot when she climbs into the hot tub.

Alas, this is all we have now:

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

More info and pics here.

Arielle Dombasle? How old is that woman? Wasn’t she Kissinger’s nanny?

I used to have such a crush on her, but I think that was about 50 years ago.

Geez, I guess I wasn’t exaggerating as much as I thought. I just looked it up, and Tess really was almost 50 years ago! She couldn’t have been Kissinger’s nanny, but she could have dated him!

Kidding aside, she is 70, and looks mah-velous! Check this out:


She doesn’t even use the raccoon eye make-up that most actresses start using in their late 30s. Surgery? Incredible DNA? Dunno. Whatever she is doing, it is working.

The pics below and the head shot above are from Les Secrets De La Princesse De Cadignan (2023). I think I used to date Mlle. Cadignan, but I broke up with her because of the moisture on her body. She was a sweater.

Sorry about that. That joke was shit, even given my own low bar. Cadignan is probably pronounced nothing like “cardigan.” One of these days I must learn a little French. Now if I really wanted to make a bad joke, I could point out that this film is based on a story by Honore de Balzac, whose name in English sounds like a religious group that worships testicles.

I guess you could call them sacreligious.

Enough! On to the breasts:

image host image host image host image host

She did an even better topless scene last year in La Fille et le Garcon (2022). She was then a mere stripling at age 69.

image host image host

Clara didn’t do much nudity here, but what a career she has had, from the time she was 18 until now (age 34).

Le Silence de l’Epervier (2007)

image host

Complices (2009)

image host

Rose, c’est Paris (2010)

image host

Les Infideles (2012)

image host

Cosimo e Nicole (2012)

image host

Simiocratie (2014)

image host

De Soleil Dans Mes Yeux (2017)

image host

Des Gens Decents (2020)

image host

La Bataille de Rail (2020)

image host

I’ve really only hit the highlights of Charlie’s collection. See the whole kit and caboodle here.

Well, OK, to be honest, he does have the whole kit, but only a partial caboodle. And really, can we ever have too much caboodle?

What a strange expression that is!

The interwebs says:

“The slang term from New England by the turn of the century was a reference to the entire kit (backpack) and bundles (ka boodle) person might carry on a long trip. i.e. everything. A similar term in use today might be ‘everything including the kitchen sink.'”

“Kit and caboodle” is an informal American English phrase that means “the whole lot of persons or things” or “all of something”. It’s often preceded by “the” and can also be written as “kit and boodle”, “whole caboodle”, “whole kit”, “whole works”, or “works”. For example, “He packed up all his gear, the whole kit and caboodle, and walked out”.

Kit and caboodle may also refer to:

Kit & Kaboodal: A family-owned business in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire that sells women’s clothing

Kit and Kaboodle: A brand of cat food by Purina. The original dry cat food contains ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, meat and bone meal, poultry by-product meal, animal fat, liver flavor, and calcium carbonate.

Kits & Kaboodle Classic Toys: A toy boutique located at 723 Hanover Place in Carmel, IN

New Spanish series, AKA Cristo y Rey.

There’s quite a bit of nudity in the first two episodes (mostly breasts), then almost none after that. There is very little lower body nudity at all, excepting only the Mirela Balic scene in episode 6. There are no full-frontals.

Episode 1

Belen Cuesta and Clara Alvarado: both topless in a sex scene.
Belen’s butt also visible


Belen Cuesta topless


Episode 2

Belen Cuesta topless

Belen-Cuesta-Untameable-s1e2-1080hd-1 Belen-Cuesta-Untameable-s1e2-1080hd-2 Belen-Cuesta-Untameable-s1e2-1080hd-3

Episode 3

Melina Matthews topless


Episode 4

Belen Cuesta – nip slip only


Episode 5

Belen Cuesta – nip slip and a distant topless

Belen-Cuesta-Untameable-s1e5-1080hd-1 Belen-Cuesta-Untameable-s1e5-1080hd-2

Episode 6

Mirela Balic – butt only


Episode 7

No Nudity

Episode 8

Belen Cuesta – brief nipple-peek


I have previously been covering the series as the episodes aired, and there are some 2160hd caps here.

The Bear and Succession won pretty much everything. Full list

Curiosity: The Tonight Show wasn’t nominated for best Talk Series, even after they kicked Oliver out of the category. The Daily Show without Trevor Noah won. Of course Kimmel, Meyers and Colbert were nominated, but instead of nominating The Tonight Show as the fifth nominee, they padded out the category with Jon Stewart’s show, which appears about as often as Halley’s comet. That’s quite a diss of Fallon. I like Stewart. He’s very passionate and very funny, a great combination, but Stewart shouldn’t even be in the same category with guys who turn out 130 shows per year. If IMDb is right, he aired 6 shows in 2023, none after April. I’ve never even seen it because I never know where or when it airs.