Trump is the betting favorite.

More interesting to me is the way they rank the also-rans. Per the oddsmakers, Michelle Obama is more likely to become President than either Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris, so they’d kinda-sorta consider her the front-runner in case Biden were to disappear from the picture. That’s amazing because, as far as I know, Michelle Obama is not running for the job and has never expressed an interest in it. Her candidacy appears to be entirely a delusion of the right-wing rumor mill.

The oddsmakers also consider Michelle far more likely to be elected President in 2024 than Ron DeSantis. Now that one doesn’t surprise me, considering that I am probably more likely to be elected than Ron DeSantis. In fact, the only person in America less likely to be inaugurated in 2025 is the “rent is too damn high” guy.

SIDEBAR: Nikki Haley says she will not accept a vice-presidential nomination. “I’m not running for vice-president.” I don’t know why not. Trump will be 78 if he begins a new term. It seems to me that running to be the vice-president beneath a 78-year-old fat guy is approximately the same as running to be the president, except with a longer waiting period between election day and inauguration day.

Joking aside, Trump is unlikely to give her the chance to decline that nomination. He needs an absolute loyalist in that position because, thanks to a quirky element of our system, the vice-president is the only person in the executive branch that the President can’t fire. Trump must therefore seek a blind loyalist who will simply echo every Trump pronouncement. In other words, he needs a total buffoon who will be nothing more than his loyal, unprincipled, unquestioning flunky – a younger version of Rudy Giuliani.

From Politico: The GOP Is Already Clashing Over Trump’s VP Pick

I finally managed to score a better copy of Addio, Alexandra, the film which contains almost all of Pier Angeli’s career nudity. It’s better, but still not good. The colors are so faded that it’s essentially in sepia-and-white. You would never know it fron this DVD, but this was a color film! On the other hand, the DVD is fairly clear, and better than what we had before.

Few people remember her today, but Pier Angeli had been a significant screen presence in the 1950s. She co-starred and hobnobbed with all of the A-Listers. After all, this is a woman who had a torrid affair with the legendary James Dean, was engaged to Kirk Douglas, married Vic Damone, and had once co-starred with Paul Freakin’ Newman.

During her marriage to Vic Damone, they appeared as guests on the June 17, 1956 episode of What’s My Line:

By the end of the sixties, however, Hollywood had abandoned her. Near the end of her life, Pier tried to resuscitate her career by appearing in some low-rent projects to demonstrate that she was still working. This was one of those projects. There are reports that she wanted to keep this film out of distribution, and it’s easy to understand why she felt that way. This project had to do her career more harm than good. Not only is it a bad film, but everything about her appearance in it is disappointing. First, she looked older than her 37 years; second, her overacting in one sequence was embarrassing; and finally, Addio was a cheapjack piece of erotica which should theoretically have been far below her pay grade.

Unfortunately, Addio Alexandra was not the low point of her career desperation. That would be Octaman.

Did her despondency about the state of her life and career lead to suicide? There is a lot of debate. She did die of a drug overdose at 39. Was it an accidental overdose? Suicide? An error by her physician? We will never know for sure. We can’t conclude that she took her own life, but neither can we rule out the possibility, given her emotional state in those final years.

Pier Angeli (billed under her real name, Anna Maria Pierangeli)

pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-01.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-02.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-03.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-04.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-05.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-06.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-07.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-08.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-09.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-10.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-11.jpg pier_angeli-addio_alexandra-1969-12.jpg

Colette Descombes in the same film

colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-01.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-02.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-03.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-04.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-05.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-06.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-07.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-08.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-09.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-10.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-11.jpg colette_descombes-addio_alexandra-1969-12.jpg

I took a shot at trying to restore what the film should have looked like:

Pier Angeli


Collette Descombes


Here are some additional pics of Descombes from articles about the film:

image host image host

And here are Pier and Collette in publicity stills. That scene is in the film (see the Pier Angeli series above), but these particular shots must have been posed on the set. Pier is the one with glasses!

image host image host

The remainder of their careers:

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