This is shocking. Ron DeSantis was running for President? I just thought he was taking that long-coveted Iowa vacation.

He collected more than $100 million in his war chest, and visited every nook and cranny of Iowa, only to find out that he had no prayer. Expensive lesson. 99% of the people in America would have told him that for free. I wonder what he thought his path would be, given that he wouldn’t take a position against the guy he was supposedly opposing. He never really gave anyone a good reason to vote for him instead of Trump. And of course, he has approximately zero charisma or charm. He makes Steven Wright seem energetic and engaging. Who is the most drab, charisma-challenged presidential candidate you can think of? Perhaps John Kerry? In a world of DeSantises, John Kerry would seem like a combination of Reagan and JFK.

There is a silver lining for him: he never quit his day job. Denied the chance to screw up the country, he promised that he would rededicate himself wholeheartedly to screwing up Florida.

They came up with only one theme for their jokes: Jacob is taller and hotter than the rest of us. That’s true enough, and maybe good for one passing reference, but not as the basis of multiple sketches.

My theory is that Jacob should always be required to travel with a Jiminy Cricket character to remind him that being hot doesn’t cover up douchebaggery. I recommend Curtis “Booger” Armstrong for the job. In fact, I think Jacob and Booger should do a buddy cop film where the elderly Booger actually subdues all the bad guys and solves all the crimes.

This is part of my continuing campaign to give Booger more work.

Gloria did seven or eight topless scenes in this film. That sounds impressive, but your enthusiasm may be dampened by the fact that toplessness was her absolute nudity limit. She did no lower body nudity, front or rear.

That limitation is more than offset by other factors:

(1) This filming took place immediately after she was declared Miss Teenage Italy, which means she was a beautiful teenager.

(2) She went on to become a Eurocrap legend in the following years.

(3) La Ragazzina was the screen debut of this future legend.

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Also naked in La Ragazzina: Colette Descombes, who did do full frontal and rear nudity.


Gloria Guida did do lower-body nudity soon after this film, although shots of her butt are relatively rare.

Some examples:

Blue Jeans (1975)

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La Liceale (1975)

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L’Affittacamere (1976)

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You will probably notice how tightly bunched those films are chronologivally. She churned them out furiously while still in her teens and early 20s. In just the six years from 1974 to 1979, she appeared in 24 films.

Per IMDb, she pretty much stopped making films after 1982, when she was still only 27. She later dropped completely out of sight for some twenty years (1990-2009) in order to raise a family. She began her comeback in two episodes of an Italian TV series in 2010, when she was in her late 50s. Although she is now in her 70s, she is still working regularly today, not as an actress, but as a presenter or reality show participant.

If you want to learn more about her, the best source I found was Italian Wikipedia. The translation software doesn’t work as well from Italian as it does from some other languages, so it takes some concentration to read her biography, but the info is fairly complete.