Mr. Skin mentioned that there were a few films with nudity, but it doesn’t sound very promising

Quick synopsis:

  • Kristen Stewart is not nude in Love Lies Bleeding, but there is some skin from Katy O’Brian and Anna Baryshnikov. If I understand his report correctly, it’s just a bare butt from Katy. He does say,”This film sounds like it has everything – including a nude Anna Baryshnikov.”
  • Renate Reinsve shows her breasts and her bush in A Different Man.
  • Riley Keough plays Sasquatch in Sasquatch Sunset, covered in makeup and prosthetics, “but she does show Bigfoot Breasts.”
  • Saoirse Ronan shows her butt in The Outrun.

Dora Madison Burge? I had forgotten about her. I haven’t seen much of her since she left Chicago Fire. I know she did that “Diplo” TV series with Van Der Beek that the internet cynics called Diplo’s Creek, or maybe Dipshit’s Creek, but I never saw that. (Nor did anyone else.)

IMDb says she was in a December, 2022 movie called Christmas Bloody Christmas, which doesn’t sound Hallmark-friendly.

Update: I looked at the user reviews of the Diplo show, and noticed that the reviewers were sharply split between “great” and “terrible,” which indicates that the show might have had cult potential if it had ever found an audience. I also found out that the character of Diplo (played by ol’ Dawson Van Der Creek himself) is not fictional.