Alec Baldwin’s December temper tantrum

Alec Baldwin is a funny and talented man, which ipso facto proves there is no correlation between talent and character.

I tried to find Baldwin’s infamous Twitter attack on Drunken Stepfather, but I could not. I did find something better. Back on June 23, 2012, the tipsy one’s forum posted two pics of Baldwin’s then-fiancee Hilaria, on a day when she was feeling very cheeky.


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Hilaria and Alec were married seven days later.

One thought on “Alec Baldwin’s December temper tantrum

  1. I am not generally a big fan of pics that are limited *just* to booty, but I do like that one quite a bit. Something about the picture. She is actually quite attractive, even if she (and Alec) are more than a little whacky.

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