An FKA Twigs image has been banned in the UK

“FKA Twigs is one of the stars of a new Calvin Klein ad campaign but one of the photos have now been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority.

According to them, this specific ad featuring FKA violates one of its provisions in that it could ‘present her as a stereotypical sexual object’ because the photo places ‘viewers’ focus on the model’s body rather than on the clothing being advertised.'”

You mean like almost every other clothing and perfume ad?

Here is the photo in question and FKA Twigs’ opinion on the ban.

4 thoughts on “An FKA Twigs image has been banned in the UK

  1. Fuck the UK. Same piece of shit country that tried to outlaw rock ‘n roll back in the 60s. They wanted to put the Stones in prison. They merely tolerated the Beatles as long as they held the clean image, but didn’t want the rest. They needed offshore pirate radio just to hear their own classic rock bands in their own country. Don’t see much difference between them Iran. Haven’t changed much since King George. I’d be all for putting them on our enemies list, but know it won’t happen since they are the US’ biggest lackeys in Europe. What a worthless piece of shit that country has become once again.

    1. One of the most famous, and oddest, examples was when the BBC banned the Kinks’ “Lola,” not because they were singing about a cross-dresser, but because they name-dropped Coca-Cola, which flew in the face of their “no free advertising” policy. The band had to interrupt their tour to record the generic “cherry cola” variant.

  2. UK giving Canada a run for their money on being the biggest nanny state.

    How long before they start limiting how much toilet paper you can use per wipe?

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