“E Jean Carroll aims to give defamation money ‘to something Trump hates’”

That’s what she said in her interview with Stephanopoulos (pictured below).

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So far she has narrowed it down to this list (including suggestions from the comments):

1. Truth
2. Facts
3. Democracy
4. Low-flow toilets
5. Salads
6. Windmills
7. Eric

7 thoughts on ““E Jean Carroll aims to give defamation money ‘to something Trump hates’”

  1. You forgot windmills. Trump hates windmills. Oh, and Obama. And maybe me. I’ve never heard him say a good word about me. I hope Ms. Carroll has noticed that.

  2. Also maybe…covfefe? Hard to make out what’s playing on the radio when the gears are grinding that hard.

  3. Y’all are really hitching your wagons to this crazy ass broad? Appeals will correct this and she’ll never see a dime from Trump

    1. Appeals don’t review the facts of the case. They only consider whether there were errors in procedure that caused an unfair decision. The appeals court usually only reverses a trial court for an error of law. That’s unlikely with Judge Kaplan. What do you think might be Kaplan’s errors?

      1. Appeals court might reduce the punitive damages from $65 million to say $50 million iow Trump’s gonna pay regardless just a matter of how much.

  4. Women, after this yr all his lawyers. 😛 He only loves himself so hatred would be a broad category, eh. 😉 He also hates E. Jean. lol

    ok, he also loves $$$ and hates losing it …

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