Phun reports that there are new leaked pictures of Dora Madison Burge

Dora Madison Burge? I had forgotten about her. I haven’t seen much of her since she left Chicago Fire. I know she did that “Diplo” TV series with Van Der Beek that the internet cynics called Diplo’s Creek, or maybe Dipshit’s Creek, but I never saw that. (Nor did anyone else.)

IMDb says she was in a December, 2022 movie called Christmas Bloody Christmas, which doesn’t sound Hallmark-friendly.

Update: I looked at the user reviews of the Diplo show, and noticed that the reviewers were sharply split between “great” and “terrible,” which indicates that the show might have had cult potential if it had ever found an audience. I also found out that the character of Diplo (played by ol’ Dawson Van Der Creek himself) is not fictional.

2 thoughts on “Phun reports that there are new leaked pictures of Dora Madison Burge

  1. Hot as hell actress but random career: regular on Dexter, but not topless until last episode – outside of her mystery “leaks” her best nudes were in bizarro horror movie Bliss, if you can make out her body between covered in blood & bisexual vampire lighting

  2. I actually watched that Diplo show back when it first (it was on one of those deep cable channels, like Viceland or IFC), but it honestly wasn’t very memorable. It wasn’t so bad that I stopped watching it (I think it was only six episodes), but it certainly wasn’t anything extraordinary or anything. Even if more people had seen it I don’t think it would be fondly remembered.

    I’ve been a fan of Dora ever since she was on Friday Night Lights. Obviously she never got naked on that show, but I’ve enjoyed following her nude exploits since then.

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