Jane Wyatt’s body double in Lost Horizon (1937)

As mentioned in another thread:

“The California State Censor Board insisted on having two signed affidavits from Columbia that the model doubling for Jane Wyatt in her nude bathing scene had her breasts covered. The affidavits were duly supplied though the model in question apparently was indeed bare-breasted, though as the scene is in long shot it’s virtually impossible to tell.”

Here is the scene

3 thoughts on “Jane Wyatt’s body double in Lost Horizon (1937)

  1. I always thought the Hayes Code was the result of America’s puritan roots but apparently it was the creation of the “Catholic League of Decency” that resulted in the Hayes Codes. Catholics in America at that time would have been mainly 1st and 2nd generation immigrants.

  2. Turner Classics Nudes: the Jane in that pre-censor code Tarzan showed a lot more skin, & Claudette Colbert had more nip in that Cleopatra milk bath
    Time for a best pre-1964 movie nudes list

    1. Nudity was much better before the Hayes code. Lost Horizon was a little unique as it was after. Too bad if it was all a double, but I had seen a comment from an actor in the film that apparently was quite excited about the shooting of the scene. Don’t remember who it was, but he had left some kind of note somewhere about the next day being good as Jane would be doing her nude swim scene. Jane was there, but who knows exactly what she was wearing or not wearing.

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